Interns and Coordinators at Bama Wesley

The bulk of the work of ministry at Bama Wesley is carried out by our team of Interns and Coordinators. Both types of positions are filled by students primarily (though not exclusively) in their junior year.


Interns at Bama Wesley commit to one year (two semesters) of service beginning in August and ending in May. Each of Bama Wesley’s ministry teams (Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Call Discovery, Outreach, and Communications) is led by an Intern who is charged with developing and implementing the team’s vision. Interns are responsible for overseeing their ministry area’s programming, including administrative responsibilities such as overseeing their team’s budget. Interns supervise Coordinators as well as volunteer team members, and are responsible for developing leaders within their team.

Recognizing the high level of responsibility placed on Interns, they also receive substantial support from Bama Wesley’s Executive Staff. Interns meet as a group on a weekly basis, and at least once per month meet individually with both the Campus Pastor for individual leadership development and either a staff member or appropriately trained and screened individual outside of Bama Wesley for spiritual formation.


Coordinators at Bama Wesley commit to one semester of service beginning in either August or January and are charged with implementing their team’s vision in cooperation with the Intern of the team of which they are a part. Coordinators have a lesser time commitment and set of responsibilities than Interns, but are critical for executing plans developed by the team. The specific responsibilities for each team’s Coordinator(s) are determined by the Intern for the team of which they are a part in coordination with the Executive Staff, and are available in the description for each position.

Where do I apply?

Applications for Intern positions open each January for the following school year, and Interns are selected by mid-February. Applications for Coordinator positions open each March (for the fall semester) and October (for the spring semester as needed), and Coordinators are selected by mid-April and mid-November. All available positions can be found here.